Benefit Consulting



Like any art form it takes years to perfect a technique.  At Benefits-Online.Net, it is our belief that an organized approach and strategy should be the initial step before new plans or changes are recommended. In this way, a benefit program can emerge that will reflect the employers needs and philosophy, rather than one that is merely a reaction to the desire for change. Initial conversation should take place to identify the philosophies, goals and objectives concerning employees and their benefits. The purpose of the these conversations will permit representatives of your company to step back from its present benefit plan, rethink existing policy, and establish a solid footing for the future. The final goal of this process is a formal written statement of the employers' objectives. A first draft is prepared for the employers' review.

After meeting and reviewing their objectives, we then have a basic understanding of the employers' management objectives. Next we take the client's objectives and bring an independent outside perspective and knowledge of what others are doing. Our goal is to chair sessions, provide leadership, stimulate discussions through additional questioning, and assist the client in reaching consensus on the issues addressed.